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Education Committee

The goal of the education committee is to instruct men who are joining the fraternity. Education is held on the Tuesday before every stated meeting. If you have a desire to be an instructor and any advice on helping make the education modules better, please contact us.

 Tracy A. Bitner, PM



Grievance Committee

This group works as an intermediary to resolve the conflicts which any brother or brethren may have with one another or the lodge, itself. Any member of the brethren who has a grievance against another member(s) within the lodge, should contact a member of this team toward receiving a fair and equitable solution to his issue. Once brought before them, it is the duty of this group, whether alone or in tandem, to speak in the tenderest manner with both parties to understand each side of the conflict. After the committee is in possession of both sides of the issue, they will attempt to resolve it in a fair and impartial manner to relieve both parties of any acrimonious (angry) or ongoing hard feelings.

Johnathan Koltash, JW * Michael S. Proper
Douglas D. Quinn, PM *  David H. Radcliff, PM  *  Douglas R. Harms, PMA



Charity Committee

The duties of the Masonic Lodge Charity Committee is to investigate all applications for charitable assistance. They also take such actions as the necessities require. and at the next meeting, the Charity Committee should be prepared to report their findings in regard to the request for such a donation.

 Richard L. Collins, P.M.  * Mitchell L. Smith, P.M. *  Charles I. Miller, Jr.
Granville S. Strachan, Jr., P.M. *  James K. Nicholas



Furniture Committee

Timothy S. Patterson, P.M. * Lynn C. Grimm


Visitation & Cheer

The goal of the visitation committee is to see that the lodge is informed of all brothers of the lodge that are either sick or infirmed so that visitation for the brother is scheduled or any other needs that the brother has can be met.

Timothy S. Patterson, P.M *  G. Ronald Winger  * George E. Morelock


Museum Curator

The lodge museum curator is responsible for the preservation of the history and property of the lodge.  If you have any memorabilia from the lodge that you wish to donate to the museum, please contact the curator for more information.

Kenneth R. Harms, P.M